Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Receives Over $11,000 in Community Donations

By | November 13, 2019

Photo: l-r Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Dept Assistant Chief of EMS John Bunnell, Canton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc President Robert Bahre, Canton Community Health Fund Chairperson Ann Bryan, Kyle Mullins.

Canton, CT November, 2019… Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department recently received donations, totaling $11,081, from: the independent, philanthropic fire corporation that sponsors Lobster Fest; a community organization that funds nonprofit programming, to enhance the health and well being of Canton residents; and an enterprising young man who ran Lobster Loop, in fire gear, to raise money, support and awareness for the work of Canton’s volunteer firefighters/EMTs.

The donations: $5,000 from Canton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. (CVFC); $4,000 from Canton Community Health Fund (CCHF); and $1,081 from Kyle Mullins and the Town residents who sponsored his run, closed a funding gap in the Department’s budget, that was targeted to purchase equipment and training for active shooter programming.

CVFC donated an additional $1,000 to purchase smoke/CO alarms, to be carried on Department trucks.

Robert Bahre, President Canton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.: “CVFC supports the critical work of the Department’s volunteer firefighters, EMTs and fire police. These donations are part of our ongoing mission to always acknowledge, respect and never forget what they do to benefit our community. We thank everyone who came out to this year’s Lobster Fest. Their participation allows us to make these types of contributions possible.”

Ann Bryan, Chair Canton Community Health Fund: “We were pleased to award a grant for this important safety equipment and training.  Not only does the Volunteer Fire & EMS Department service all the residents of Canton, but by its nature is helping to ensure the well being of individuals everyday.”

John Bunnell, Assistant Chief; Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department:  “Our Department’s Town budget doesn’t cover all of the specialized training opportunities and equipment that we’d like to provide to our volunteer members. So generous donations, such as these from CVFCCCHF, Mr. Mullins and Town residents, are an important supplement to ensure that we are ready to serve the community.”