Canton’s New Engine 3 Goes Into Service

By | July 24, 2019

On Tuesday, July 16th at 8:00pm, the  Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department placed the Town’s new Engine 3 into service. While new Engine 3 has much in common with its predecessor, there are specific upgrades which provide both firefighters and the community with enhanced safety, efficiency and service. Some highlights:

Air conditioning: Beyond the physical comfort, air conditioning serves an important safety feature for firefighters, whose work often results in elevated body temperature.

Communication Headsets: These headsets not only enhance the quality of communication between crews, and from dispatchers,  they also serve as an additional layer of protection from exposure to high decibels of noise inside the truck. 

Reconfigured Cab: Engine 3’s new cab space is not only larger, facilitating egress from the truck, but firefighting tools have been mounted inside, making them faster to access. 

Reconfigured Compartments: Higher shelving allows more space for equipment, without having to stack tools; decreasing potential damage to equipment, and increasing the ease of location of specific tools.

Hose Line: New Engine 3 will carry 3,200 feet of supply hose line, vs. the standard 1,500 feet.

Pump: A larger pump, (2,000 gallons per minute vs. 1,500), with air and individual primers on each value, will improve intake from rural water supplies. 

Seating: Vinyl seats make cleaning of potentially hazardous contaminants, from fire gear and equipment, easier.

Tank: The new 2,500 gallon tank, (an upgrade of 1,000 gallons), means more water coming to the emergency scene. This is especially important north of Rte 44, where there are no fire hydrants.  

Tanker Hybrid: There are new side and rear water chutes which allow Engine 3 to perform in Tanker shuttles where, due to lack of a reliable water source, water must be continuously transported to the fire ground. 

A formal, community dedication for new Engine 3 is planned for later this summer. Stay tuned for further details.

Photo: Canton volunteer firefighters pack hose line into new Engine 3.