By | April 12, 2018

Preventative Measures Taken by Homeowners Decreased Damage & Danger of Dryer Fire


FD Dryer Vent Fire April 2018

Canton, CT April 9, 2017: 7:47 am…. Town of Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department

responded to an appliance fire at 201 Timber Lane in Canton.

The homeowners, alerted by their smoke detector, quickly put out the primary fire in the

basement clothes dryer using an extinguisher. Their carbon monoxide detector had

also been activated.

Upon arrival, fire units found smoke conditions in the residence, but no apparent, active fire

in the basement. Firefighters checked for fire extension in the walls and exterior dryer vent.

Gas and electrical utilities were shut off, as a precaution.  The residence was metered, to test

for levels of carbon monoxide, and then vented with a smoke ejector.

The small crew of volunteer firefighters arrived at the scene on: Engine 6 and Ladder 2, along

with EMTs on Canton’s ambulance. The fire was referred to the Canton Fire Marshal for

further investigation.

Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department Chief Wayne Goeben noted, “In this case, we had

a couple of residents who did a lot of things right: They were home when their dryer was in

use.  They had working smoke and CO detectors. They immediately called for emergency

assistance. They knew how to use a fire extinguisher. A well informed, prepared and trained

citizen is a real asset to our volunteer firefighters and EMTs.”

In addition to taking basic preventative measures to protect your life, home and property,

Chief Goeben also reminds residents and businesses to always, without exception, call 911

during an emergency, versus one of the Department’s three firehouses.

“The majority of Canton’s volunteer firefighters and EMTs respond from either their homes

or workplaces, not the firehouses. In addition, even with preventative measures, a fire can

double in size every 60 seconds, and may thus be made much worse without immediate first response

from trained firefighters and EMTs.”