Rescue Equipment Donated to Town of Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department — Donation from Canton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. & Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Valued at over $35,000

By | May 15, 2017

Rescue Equipment Donated to Town of Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department

Donation from Canton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. & Collinsville Volunteer Fire

Department, Inc. Valued at over $35,000

Canton, CT April/2017…The Town of Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department

recently conducted a training drill using new, next generation rescue devices which fire

officials say will improve the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of Canton’s volunteer

firefighters and EMTs.

Two Holmatro extrication tools, worth $22,000, were donated by the Canton Volunteer Fire

Company, Inc. and the Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. CVFD also donated a half

dozen Res-Q-Jack struts, used for stabilization, valued at $14,000. CVFC and CVFD are non

profit, independent corporations that act as both social and philanthropic associations. Their

annual fundraisers, CVFC’s Lobsterfest and CVFD’s Jamboree, benefit and support the work

of the Town Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department.

 Department Fire Captain, Joe Ouimette and Department Deputy Chief of Fire, John Gotaski had one goal in mind when they made the donation requests to CVFC and CVFD: to better equip Canton’s volunteer firefighters – especially during the work week, when resources are most limited. These equipment upgrades, however, will also benefit other Farmington Valley towns, with whom the Department has mutual aid agreements.

 Holmatro Combi-Tools

One of the distinct advantages of the new Holmatro combi-tools, are that they’re stand-alone, battery operated models; making them deployable without a generator or hydraulic pump, unlike the Department’s older tools now in service for extrication. Each of the two batteries, that come with the Holmatro combi-tool, carries a 30 minutes charge, giving firefighters a full hour to work continuously. There is also a back-up safety, in case the charge fails to keep the unit running.

Joe Ouimette: “Another advantage is that this tool combines a spreader and a cutter into one piece. This is especially helpful when there are limited resources. Because these tools do not have any cords, they are easier to maneuver, can be brought inside a building, used in off -road rescues, and be placed into tight spaces.”


Res-Q-Jack Super X Struts

The new Res-Q-Jack struts are designed for heavy vehicle lifting (such as tractor trailers or school buses) and stabilization. They are also especially valuable for more technical emergencies such as collapse, trench or confined space rescues. The struts have a 20,000-pound working load, can lift approximately 10,000 pounds, and can span just over eight feet.

 John Gotaski: “The set up of these Res-Q-Jacks is far less elaborate than the 10 year old equipment currently used by the Department. The technology has gotten smarter and more flexible, making it significantly stronger, safer and easier to deploy. With this new set of Jacks, we are now able to stabilize up to three cars in most emergency situations, and two in more technical scenarios.”


Department Assistant Chief of Fire, Wayne Goeben: “Thanks to these generous donations from CVFC and CVFD, what I’m looking at is improved time on target. We never had a Holmatro tool at the Department’s Canton Station before. Now, we do. So now, I’m getting our volunteer

firefighters to work right away and on target, while our Department’s heavy rescue is

coming in from other parts of Town.”

“These tools are safer, they are lighter and they are quieter,” continued Goeben. “One of the big disadvantages on an accident scene is noise. We are trying to work, trying to hear each other, and trying to watch out for our patient’s safety. The quieter that scene is, the safer we all are. Plus, fewer resources are needed to get these tools operational, because they are lighter.”

“The importance of the donation of these next generation tools, is that it allows us to protect our budget from volatility,” says Goeben. “We can work on new technology sooner, and then if that technology suits our needs going forward, we can integrate it into our regular budget and smooth over that volatility to the Town.”

The Town of Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department would like to thank Collinsville Auto Repair and Towing, at 146 Powder Mill Road in Canton, for hosting the training exercise on their property and for donating a vehicle to use, during the drill that officially put these new rescue tools into service for the community.