CANTON COMPASS: Downed Wires Cause Dramatic Scene on Rte 179 Early Wednesday a.m.

By | December 4, 2014

Downed Wires Cause Dramatic Scene on Route 179 Early Wednesday Morning Upper Portion of Cherry Brook Road Now Open

December 3, 2014 

By John Fitts, Editor


A portion of Cherry Brook Road (Route 179) above Case Street closed for several hours in the early morning hours Wednesday after downed wire significantly damaged the road.

The Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department responded to the area shortly before 3 am. Police said electrical wires melted a portion of the roadway. They are unsure of the cause, but said there was no accident involved.

The bottom portion of the nearby pole was heavily singed and downed branches were still in the yard early Wednesday morning. The incident resulted in some fire and area residents said the sky was dramatically lit from the “arcing” caused by the live wires. A nearby homeowner also had smoke in the home but the residence was not on fire as the homeowner initially believed, police said.

Some residents also lost power during the incident. At 9 am Wednesday Connecticut Light and Power estimated that 44, or .89 percent of its 4,964 Canton customers, were without power but by a few hours later it had been restore.  Connecticut Light and Power fixed the wires and subsequently a Connecticut Department of Transportation workers repaired the roadway.