By | November 30, 2014

hc-canton-fire-truck-1129-20141128-001The Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department’s ladder truck at the 2014 Sam Collins Day. Damage to the ladder has prompted town officials to look at buying a new truck. 

By: Ken Byron

November 28, 2014: 12:22pm

Canton Looks To Buy New Ladder Truck

CANTON — The fire department’s ladder truck is out of commmission and town officials are looking at ways they can replace the aging, worn out vehicle. When it met on Tuesday, the board of selectmen voted to send a request to the board of finance for $950,000 to purchase a new ladder truck.

At that meeting, members of the Canton Volunteer Fire & EMS Department said a recent inspection showed an unacceptable amount of wear on the ladder. Because of this, the truck cannot be used and neighboring departments have said they will send a ladder truck if one is needed in an emergency.

Fire department officials said fixing the ladder and other issues the truck is having would cost nearly $100,000. The truck is 17 years old and department officials said they do not think putting that amount of money into it is worthwhile.

The proposal presented to the selectmen calls for a truck similar to what the department has now, with a ladder that extends slightly more than 100 feet.

Wednesday’s vote was 4-0 in favor of buying a new truck. Selectman David Gilchrist abstained from voting, saying he does not know enough about fire trucks to feel comfortable recommending that the town pay nearly $1 million for a new one.

There have been other problems with the ladder truck in recent years. According to a report to the selectmen the fire department has spend an average of $13,403 per year since 2012 on maintenance and repairs to the truck.

The fire department has not yet solicited bids for a new ladder truck. In addition to buying a new one, department officials told the selectmen they have also considered buying a demonstration model that is used but has not seen service with a fire department.